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New Classes October 25, 2007

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Two weeks ago my teaching assignment was changed.  I was very upset with the way my situation was going, but i believe all things happen for a reason.  This change has been very good for me.  It has taught me a lot about myself.  I have also been learning more about the TAKS test that i am responsible for.  I am currently teaching a TAKS prep class and two biology course.  The TAKS classes are very informative, and for this class i have been researching new ways for the kids to learn and understand the material in the time frame that i have to teach them.  The first retake for TAKS was today.  I am praying that my kids were successful.  One of the websites that I have found that is an excellent way for kids to study for the TAKS ishttp://www.track.uttelecampus.org/

They can take a practice test and the website will score the test and then will highlight the areas they need to review.  The reviews are video clips and powerpoints.  They are short and give the information that is test on the TAKS.  I hope all is well with everyone, and hope your school year is going great.  See you next class.


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